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MoLab To Provide An Environmental Science After-School Program In South City!

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MoLab to provide after-school program in South City!

[Tallahassee, FL, September 30, 2014] – MoLab, Inc. is proud to partner with the City of Tallahassee’s Environmental Policy and Energy Resources Department (EPER) to provide an environmental science after-school program at the Oliver Hill Sr. Community Center, located at 2710 Country Club drive. MoLab will provide a seven-week, hands-on science project entitled, Earth Savers, for the students attending the center’s after-school program.

Through MoLab’s Earth Savers program, students will become aware of their impact on the environment and learn how to implement positive, sustainable practices. Students will discover City of Tallahassee Go Green Initiatives and community resources; identify items in their homes that use energy; learn about renewable energy; brainstorm ways to decrease energy consumption; explore environmental/sustainability issues related to water, food, transportation, recycling, health & wellness; understand that everyday choices impact our community’s air and water qualities; participate in an engineering challenge; practice graphing and statistically analyze data; and learn ways to eat healthy, and buy locally.

“We are delighted to partner with MoLab as they offer this valuable environmental science education program to students in South City,” said Cynthia Barber, EPER Director. “The workshop helps further our commitment to providing services and programs to the residents of the South City Neighborhood.”

Founders Aimee Hills and Trish A. Hanson are pleased to partner with EPER and the City of Tallahassee on this effort. MoLab’s project-based programs provide resources that cultivate and inspire a greater understanding of the role of sciences in our world and are based on equal access to hands-on science education and expertise – creatively and positively affecting those MoLab serves.

The science-to-go format allows MoLab, Inc. to serve a broad, diverse audience over a large geographical region, both in rural and urban environments. MoLab’s effectiveness in serving science educators and students has no limits or boundaries. Although based out of Leon County, the services and programs provided positively impact a wide territory. For more information contact, Trish A. Hanson at



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