Mobilizing Science Education


Explore the night sky and planet earth in StarLab, a portable planetarium. This educational tool is an inflatable dome, which can be brought to any indoor location that has a 22 X 21 square foot area with a 12 foot height clearance that is free of air vents and light fixtures. An average class size group can climb into StarLab for a unique program, which offers a variety of curriculum topics. Each show is tailored to suit the learning level of the audience.


• $150 for the first show (due as a deposit at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled outreach)
• $60 for each additional show
• $0.56 per mile, round trip (not applicable if located within 10 miles of Lake Ella)

Current Night Sky
Your journey begins at the center of the earth as you observe geographical locations, the importance of latitude and longitude, and understand your view of the night sky. Travel to the North Pole and begin your adventure – identify constellations, learn to star hop, and calculate the distance of stars.

Plate Tectonics
Examine the theory of plate tectonics and take a closer look at planet Earth and discover the movement of the continents, explore how mountains and volcanoes form, and discuss earthquakes. Compare the location of active ridges to the location of volcanoes and fault zones to active boundaries. What do you observe?


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