Mobilizing Science Education


MoLab, Inc. provides teachers with unique tools and hands-on experiences that may not be available otherwise and assists in supplementing the in-classroom curriculum. The objective of MoLab is to enhance student achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in a fun, interactive setting that allows students to realize career paths in STEM related fields. This is accomplished through a variety of programming including Investigation Workshops, StarLab, Camp Spark – Igniting Knowledge!, and the MoBus Solar Science Sustainability Lab. These programs will assist in developing 21st Century learning skills through project-based education.

MoLab’s classes include instruction with hands-on materials, an experiment or project, and pre and post learning objectives including vocabulary terms and suggestions for extension activities. In addition to the classes listed on our website, MoLab is able to create custom programs to suit your specific need.


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