Mobilizing Science Education

Investigation Workshops

Magnifying Glass with Kid
Investigation Workshops are inquiry-based, hands-on exploration experiences that allow students to gain firsthand knowledge in the sciences. These programs promote collaboration and enhance critical thinking skills. Each class is approximately 45 minutes in length.

The cost for the first class is $110 and $60 for each additional class (up to 6 classes per day).
$0.56 per mile, round trip (not applicable if located within 10 miles of Lake Ella).

Gyotaku: Printmaking Scientists
Dive into the science behind the Japanese Art form Gyotaku. Explorers will learn the difference between bony and non-bony fish, discover the unique characteristics of echinoderms, and compare human and fish anatomy. Each participant will create their own marine print to take home.

Unearthing the Paleo-Past
Students are the paleontologists as they use evidence from fossils to hypothesize what happened in the past. Participate in interactive discovery experiences to learn how fossils are formed, practice excavation and recording techniques, and hypothesize the meaning of evidence left behind on a life-size replica of a Triceratops femur.

Molecules in Motion
Mix it up, shake it, and get hands-on with chemistry. Discover the ins and outs of molecular bonds in the three states of matter. Students will understand the difference between mixtures, and create their own chemistry concoction to take home!

Magnetism and Electricity
No need to short circuit for this class – students will get hands-on while discovering the properties of magnetism and electricity and their relationship to each other. Test materials, build circuits, and create an electromagnet.

Sound Science
Feel those good vibrations as you explore the science of sound! Participate in experiments as you discover how sound travels through matter and how frequency relates to pitch. Enjoy a demonstration with a bass guitar and create your own sound amplifier.

Point and Non-Point Pollution
Understand how every day human activity affects our quality of air, land and water. Students will learn about the importance of protecting our watersheds and the affects of point and non-point pollution through hands-on interaction with the EnviroScape. Connect observations of surface water pollution to ground water by participating in an experiment that demonstrates the challenges in removing pollutants.

Battery Builders
Use the scientific method on this myth busting mission to investigate the power potential of an ancient artifact – the Baghdad Battery. Scientists will get hands on with materials to understand the properties of electricity and how a battery works as a power source. Working collaboratively, they will construct a battery to decide if this power source was known over 2,000 years ago.

Concussion Science
Through a series of interactive experiments and an interactive engineering challenge, students will understand the importance of brain injury prevention. They will explore the anatomy, the effects of traumatic force to the skull, symptoms to be aware of if one has a concussion, as well as preventive measures to protect the brain from injury.

Static Electricity…Charge it!
Whether it is a bad hair day or a random electrical jolt from a friend, we have all experienced static electricity. We will break the matter down as we “dissect” an atom and discover how an electron’s change affects its behavior through a series of inquiry-based experiments culminating with a hair-raising demonstration with the Van de Graaff generator.

Photovoltaic Science
Students will explore the science behind solar electricity. They will understand the materials and procedures needed to engineer a PV cell, gain insight into the benefits of this renewable resource, and become familiar with terms related to electricity as they collaboratively participate in a series of hands-on experiments using solar panels.

Chemistry Reactions!
Students get hands-on exploring the interactions between matter and energy in this chemistry lab. They will enjoy demonstrations in physical and chemical changes, an exothermic eruption, and conduct their own experiment creating an endothermic reaction – it’s a bond breaking good time!

What’s the big deal with nanoscience? Discover nano in nature, everyday uses, and cutting-edge applications of the future. Compare the size of matter on a macro, micro, and nanoscale. Plus, conduct an experiment that demonstrates how something so small can deliver a big punch!


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