Mobilizing Science Education

MoBus Solar Science Sustainability Lab

MoBus Solar Science Sustainability Lab

The MoBus Solar Science Sustainability Lab provides hands-on solar science and environmental sustainability experiences. This will include, but not be limited to: circuitry, solar cell technology, and the connection between energy and all living things. MoBus will also focus on sustainable practices to increase environmental awareness and knowledge. The interactive Lab will provide real-world learning experiences through hands-on project-based education that will help enable youth to think, create, problem-solve, and become life-long sustainable advocates.

The Lab will have the capability to accommodate a typical class size. The classes will be an hour in length and MoLab will be able to conduct up to 6 classes per day.

The cost for the first class is $250 and $100 for each additional class. MoLab requires a minimum of 2 classes to book MoBus. $0.56 per mile, round trip (not applicable if located within 10 miles of Lake Ella).

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1700 N Monroe St
Suite 11-223
Tallahassee, FL 32303