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MoLab Wins a Dandi Award!

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Winner of the 2014 Accidental Entrepreneur Category!

[Tallahassee, FL, September 17, 2014] – MoLab, Inc. is proud to be the recipient of the 2014 Dandi Award for the Accidental Entrepreneur Category. The Dandi Awards, presented by e2eConnect, was formed by a small group of Tallahassee entrepreneurs who believe in collaboration over competition, and celebrating the small business person who takes their intuitive spark – and a big leap – and is creating something from nothing.

MoLab, a not-for-profit corporation, provides on-the-go, dynamic, hands-on and inquiry-based science experiences through a mobile laboratory that promotes discovery.  The Dandi Awards honor creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. MoLab’s Founders, Aimee Hills and Trish A. Hanson, are delighted to receive such a prestigious award.

“The Accidental Entrepreneur Category is quite fitting for MoLab,” said Aimee Hills, “MoLab came about because of a need and through hard work has grown organically.” Co-Founder Trish A. Hanson said, “it is an honor to receive a Dandi Award, MoLab has existed for a little over a year now and we are thankful to be recognized for giving back to the community we love while growing our business.”

The e2eConnect Dandi awards celebrate the entrepreneur with a unique awards event themed around the dandelion – the patron flower of the entrepreneur – as it is a hardy survivor – difficult to eradicate; growing in the cracks of sidewalks with little sunshine or rain; and propagating its fruit, growing other plants, far and wide. As an entrepreneurial “dandelion” MoLab will continue to endure and provide equal access to hands-on science education and expertise – creatively and positively impacting those MoLab serves.


The science-to-go format allows MoLab, Inc. to serve a broad, diverse audience over a large geographical region, both in rural and urban environments. MoLab’s effectiveness in serving science educators and students has no limits or boundaries. Although based out of Leon County, the services and programs provided positively impact a wide territory.  For more information, contact Trish A. Hanson at



1700 N Monroe St
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