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MoLab Has Purchased Its MoBus!



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[Tallahassee, FL, July 17, 2014] – MoLab is proud to announce that it has purchased an RV that will become a mobile science and technology lab. MoBus, a 1994 Fleetwood Flair, will be transformed into a cutting-edge vehicle. MoBus will utilize environmentally friendly technologies and advancements to demonstrate how science innovations can be applied to our daily lives.

MoBus will run on biodiesel, incorporating veggie waste oil for a less-expensive, renewable, and clean-burning fuel alternative. Through a partnership with Independent Green Technologies (IGT), MoBus will have roof-top solar panels adding to its energy efficiency. The inside of MoBus will have microscopy stations as well as entomology and biology walls. Students will get onboard the MoBus to experiment with the equipment and make scientific discoveries.

The retrofitting process for MoBus will begin this fall. MoLab’s Founders will seek partnerships, in-kind donations, and sponsorships to help offset the costs for outfitting its vehicle. The Founders welcome any entity wishing to be involved in the process to please contact them. You may visit for more information.

“We are so excited to continue moving further and further toward our goal of driving science education with our MoBus” said Co-Founder Aimee Hills, “our mission is to provide on-the-go, dynamic, hands-on, and inquiry-based science experiences through a mobile laboratory that promotes discovery.”

The science-to-go format allows MoLab, Inc. to serve a broad, diverse audience over a large geographical region, both in rural and urban environments. MoLab’s effectiveness in serving science educators and students has no limits or boundaries. Although based out of Leon County, the services and programs provided positively impact a wide territory. For more information contact, Trish A. Hanson at



1700 N Monroe St
Suite 11-223
Tallahassee, FL 32303