Mobilizing Science Education

Independent Green Technologies (IGT) Donates $10,000 to MoLab, Inc.!

MoLab, Inc. is grateful to IGT for their generous donation of $10,000 toward the purchase of MoBus. An IGT/MoLab partnership is a perfect fit as we will work together to provide significant clean energy technology programming, with a focus on solar, for the benefit of those we serve – state-wide. Our MoBus will be outfitted with solar panels and will have fun solar factoids and statistics on the outside – demonstrating how we can all incorporate clean energy into our daily lives.

THANK YOU, IGT! MoLab is excited about the partnership and looks forward to getting MoBus on the road!



MoLab is closer to getting MoBus!

[Tallahassee, FL, May 22, 2014] – Independent Green Technologies (IGT) has donated $10,000
to MoLab, Inc. to help obtain its vehicle, MoBus. IGT believes in MoLab’s mission to provide
on-the-go, dynamic, hands-on, and inquiry-based science experiences through a mobile
laboratory that promotes discovery. IGT will work with MoLab to retrofit its vehicle by
incorporating solar panels on top of MoBus and the outside will be utilized as an educational
tool with fun IGT solar factoids.

IGT is dedicated to education and the de-mystification of clean energies and believes MoLab
can help further its mission to lead Florida from the Sunshine State to the Solar State. MoLab
and IGT have collaborated previously on project-based programming and both parties look
forward to developing additional programs that can be used to positively spread the message of
solar awareness and sustainability practices through hands-on, project-based engagement.

“We are excited to partner with MoLab and provide significant dollars toward their goal,” said
Hope Childree, General Manager of IGT, “these types of interactive programs are vital and help
engage students to learn about the sciences.” IGT Partners jointly stated, “having kids
understand the importance of sustainable practices and encouraging them to implement those
practices at a young age will ensure they will grow up and become good stewards of the earth.”

Founders Aimee Hills and Trish A. Hanson are thrilled to partner on a significant level with
IGT. MoLab’s project-based programs provide resources that cultivate and inspire a greater
understanding of the role of sciences in our world and are based on equal access to hands-on
science education and expertise – creatively and positively affecting those MoLab serves.
MoLab’s mobility is a perfect fit for affecting solar change throughout the State.

The science-to-go format allows MoLab, Inc. to serve a broad, diverse audience over a large
geographical region, both in rural and urban environments. MoLab’s effectiveness in serving
science educators and students has no limits or boundaries. Although based out of Leon County,
the services and programs provided positively impact a wide territory. For more information
contact, Trish A. Hanson at



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