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Thank You

THANK YOU Sponsors and Donors for helping to make MoLab’s vision a reality. We are grateful for your support and commitment. Through your generosity, MoLab, Inc. is helping to spark scientific engagement and provide resources that cultivate and inspire a greater understanding of the role of sciences in our world.

THANK YOU, Independent Green Technologies (IGT) for your generous donation of $10,000 toward the purchase of MoBus! We are excited to partner with IGT on clean energy technology programming!

THANK YOU, Florida Commerce Credit Union for your recent sponsorship of MoLab, Inc.!

THANK YOU to everyone who responded and donated to MoLab’s $5 Challenge!

THANK YOU to our Founding Sponsors FY 13/14:

  • The Earl Bacon Agency
  • Chris & Suzanne Dudley
  • Laura Kuczajda & R. Richard Hayes
  • Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Saff
  • Dr. & Mrs. J. Giralt
  • Construction Solutions, LLC
  • Ann Peipers
  • Anonymous
  • Skip and Linda Hills
  • Janine Flores
  • Marlin Engineering, Inc.
  • Tally Connection

THANK YOU to our Sponsors FY 14/15:

  • Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs
  • Marlin Engineering, Inc.
  • Tally Connection

THANK YOU to our friends and partners for getting MoLab, Inc. off to the right start. We could not have begun so thoughtful, creative, and unique without each of you:

Logo Design:
Cliff Leonard, Hook Line & Sinker Design

Website Design:
Gerald Tookes with G Squared Productions

“MoBus” Renderings and Line Drawings:
Jhoana Mae R. Antiquino, MFA Graduate Interior Design


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