Mobilizing Science Education

Summer Camp Spark FULL or CLOSE to FILLING Sessions

The following camps are FULL:
A1D Silver Screen Science
A9D Dino Detectives
A10D Spark Smorgasbord
B1D Pokemon Science
C1D Hogwarts Academy
D7D Master Mo-Chef

The following camps are CLOSE to FILLING:
A7D Busy Builders: 5 spots left
B2D Toy Physics: 5 spots left
B9D Travel Science Kids: 1 spot left

B10D Spark Smorgasbord: 2 spots left
C9D Camp Half Bloods: 5 spots left
D1D Lights, Camera, Action!: 4 spots left
D9D Architecture and Design: 2 spots left

For Summer Camp Spark – Igniting Knowledge! details & registration information, please visit: 2023 Summer Camp Spark


1700 N Monroe St
Suite 11-223
Tallahassee, FL 32303