Mobilizing Science Education

Summer Camp Spark FULL or CLOSE to FILLING Sessions

The following camps are FULL:
A4D Animal Kingdoms
A6D Sweet Shop Science
A8D Little Wizards
A9D Marvel Mania
A10D Spark Smorgasbord
B1D Splash O’Rama!
B2D Chemistry Concoctions
B4D Zoology and Petcare
B7D Wizard School
B8D Sweet and Salty Science
B9D Pokemon Science
B10D Spark Smorgasbord
C1D Let’s Make Waves!
C2D Hogwarts Academy
C5D Nailed It: Science Chef
C6D Go Code Gamers!
C7D Robotics Lab I
C8D Survivor Science
C9D CSI: Camp Spark!
C10D Spark Smorgasbord
D1D Minecraft Science
D4D Marine Biology
D5D Coding and Videogame Makers
D7D Master Mo-Chef
D10D Spark Smorgasbord 


The following camps are CLOSE to FILLING:
A1D ArtLab: 5 spots left
A2D Mess-Adventures in Science: 5 spots left
A7D Gaming Explorations: 2 spots left
B3D Myth Busting Science: 5 spots left
B5D Rock-IT-BOT Kids: 1 spot left
B6D American Dinosaurs: 1 spot left

C3D Hollywood Science: 5 spots left

C4D Ocean Science Explorers: 3 spots left
D2D YouTube It: 1 spot left
D3D Digital Photography: 4 spots left
D9D Showtime!: 3 spots left

For Summer Camp Spark – Igniting Knowledge! details & registration information, please visit: 2022 Summer Camp Spark


1700 N Monroe St
Suite 11-223
Tallahassee, FL 32303